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Welcome to This is the most complete directory of Seattle - Tacoma area bikini barista espresso stands anywhere, currently listing 70 businesses with 131 locations.

Seattle is at the forefront of the bikini barista phenomena that is sweeping across the world, and is all started right here.

New bikini barista espresso businesses are popping up all over the place, and up until now, it's been really hard to find them. Many are so new they don't even have a web presence so you cannot find them by searching in Google or any coffee-related blogs or web sites. has solved the problem. We have scouted out the entire Puget Sound area from Everett to Bellevue to Olympia and Portland searching for bikini baristas - and we found lots of them.

You can now look up bikini espresso businesses by location or by name, and new locations are added as we find them.

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We do not own any bikini barista espresso stands, and we have no affiliation with any bikini barista espresso business. We created this web site just for the fun of it.   Enjoy!

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